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Dave Hill (IEPS)
Institute for Education Policy Studies - an eInstitute

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The Institute for Education Policy Studies (IEPS) is an independent Radical Left/ Socialist/ Marxist institute for developing analysis and reconstruction of education policy. It was founded by Dave Hill in 1989. It is at The IEPS seeks to develop Marxist analysis of policy, theory, ideology and policy development. It also seeks to develop Marxist transformative education theory, analysis and policy, analyse and develop socialist/Marxist transformative policy for schooling and education from a number of Radical Left perspectives, including Freirean perspectives. The IEPS and its journal, the Journal for Critical Education Policy Studies, at (which has had more than one million downloads since commencing in 2003) addresses issues of Social Class, 'Race', Gender and Capital/ism; Critical Pedagogy; Marxist Education; New Public Managerialism; and Academic / non-Academic Labour; and Empowerment/ Disempowerment/ Neoliberalism and Neoconservatism.

The IEPS critiques global, national, neo-liberal, neo-conservative, New Labour, Third Way, postmodernist and quasi-postmodernist analyses and policy, together with New Public Managerialism. IEPS hosted the formation of the Hillcole Group of Radical Left Educators (1989-2001). The IEPS organises and publicises national conferences and also publishes on-line papers by Dave Hill, and also by other Radical Left/ Socialist/ Marxist writers.It supports, through the Journal for Critical Education Policy Studies, the annual ICCE (International Conference on Critical Education) conference, held in 2011 and 2012 at the University of Athens, Greece, at the university of Ankara, Turkey in 2013, at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece in 2014, and at the University of Lower Silesia, Wroclaw, Poland, in June 2015. The conferences regularly attract between 300-400 participants.

IEPS publishes the online journal, the Journal for Critical Education Policy Studies ( now three times a year. This journal has been downloaded well over 1 million times since being founded in March 2003, and has published more than 300 articles. The online, scholarly, peer-juried international journal remains free. The journal is also available in print. Details of purchasing and subscriptions can be found here.

The chief/ managing editor of JCEPS is Prof Dave Hill (Chief/ Managing Editor), the Deputy Chief Editors are Prof Peter McLaren and Polina Chrysochou.and Alpesh Maisuria. The journal welcomes articles from academics and activists throughout the globe. It is a refereed / peer juried international journal.

The Founder and Managing Director of IEPS is Professor Dave Hill, the Deputy Director is Professor Peter McLaren. Research Associates are Dr. Kemal Inal, Dr. Alpesh Maisuria, Prof Kostas Skordoulis, Dr. Paolo Vittoria, Louise Prendergast and Polina Chrysochou. Administrators for the IEPS are Naomi Hill and Joshua Akehurst. Administrators for JCEPS are Naomi Hill and Hannah Hunt. Graphic Design by Naomi Hill, Dave Hill and Brogan Victoria Blanch.

IEPS trades under the name The Inst. for Education Policy Studies, Ltd. Reg. No. 8038049.

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The inaugural recipient of the International Activist Scholar Award for the Advancement of Marxist Theory and Practice, awarded by the Institute for Education Policy Studies, June, 2006: Professor Peter McLaren.
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