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Institue for Education Policy Studies



All publications published by the Institute of Education Policy Studies can be found in this section, other than the Issues of The Journal for Critical Education Policy Studies, which can be found at (and ordered) here 

Simon Boxley (2017) Schooling and Value: Marxist Essays in Education, 2006-2016
Brighton: Institute for Education Policy Studies. Publication date: 1st June 2017.
ISBN 978-0-9522042-6-8  
Price: £16.00 GB
Paolo Vittoria (2016) Narrating Paulo Freire: Towards a pedagogy of dialogue
Brighton: Institute for Education Policy Studies. Publication date: 1st August 2016.
ISBN 978-0-9522042-5-1
Price: £16.00 GBP
Dave Hill (2013) Marxist Essays on Neoliberalism, Capitalism, Class, 'Race' and Education.
Brighton: Institute for Education Policy Studies. Publication date: 1 September 2013. Foreword by Peter McLaren
ISBN 978-0-9522042-2-0
Price: £18.00 GBP
Dave Hill et al (2013) Immiseration Capitalism, Activism and Education: Resistance, Revolt and Revenge.
Brighton: Institute for Education Policy Studies. Contributors: Faith Agostinone-Wilson (USA), Grant Banfield (Australia), Joyce Canaan (England), Mike Cole (England), Aline Courtois (Ireland), Dave Hill (England), Kemal Inal (Turkey), Christine Lewis (England), Margaret Kennedy (Ireland), Conor McCabe (Ireland), Alpesh Maisuria (England), Peter McLaren (USA), Maria Nikolakaki (Greece), Tugba Öztürk (Turkey), Martin J. Power (Ireland), Micheal O’ Flynn (Ireland), Fevziye Sayilan (Turkey), Henry Silke (Ireland), Panagiotis Sotiris (Greece), Bill Templer (Bulgaria), Nuray Türkmen (Turkey), Leonidas Vatikiotis (Greece). Publication Date: 1 September 2013.
ISBN 978-0-9522042-3-7
Price: £18.00 GBP
Dave Hill, Kemal Inal & Ulas Basar Gezgin (2014) The Gezi Revolt: People's Revolutionary Resistance Against Neoliberal Capitalism in Turkey. Publication date: 27 May 2014
ISBN - 978-0952204244
Price: £18.00 GBP

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Previous publications

Red Chalk: On Schooling, Capitalism and Politics (2001) Mike Cole, Dave Hill, Glenn Rikowski and Peter McLaren ISBN 0952204205 £9 out of print

Charge of the Right Brigade: the Radical Right's Attack on Teacher Education (1989) Dave Hill ISBN 1872155006       £4 out of print


Paolo Vittoria (2017/2018) 2) Freire and Boal. Theatre and Pedagogy of the Oppressed beyond educational borders